Beer Gardens

Given the social distance restrictions that are in place because of COVID-19, we have reached out to pubs and clubs who have a useable outdoor space and therefore may also need to look at hiring professional marquees

As pubs and clubs are limited to the number of customers that they can get inside their venues for the next few months, their beer garden or any outside space will need to be utilised in order to keep customer capacity high whilst at the same time sticking to social distancing rules. At the moment, whilst the weather has been warm their beer gardens will have served its purpose without a marquee but the autumn and winter will soon be here, it will get colder and wetter but they will still need to utilise that outside space.

Celebrations are still taking place, although at restricted capacity and at a safe distance, but our marquees offer a new ‘room’ or an extension onto the current building to be able to host a small function, such as birthday parties, baby showers, christenings or weddings and anniversaries.

Rather than spending thousands of pounds on buying a marquee, to the quality that they will require to last through the winter months, plus buying outdoor heating and extra lighting, as well as commercial carpeting for grassed areas, then paying for installation labour, and then taking it down and storing it when they’re finished with it, hiring is a much cheaper and more convenient option.

My hires include all of the above; the marquee with lighting, heating and flooring as standard. As well as installation, weekly checks on the marquee’s condition and of course, we are fully insured.  The hire costs are easy manageable monthly payments so that these venues do not disrupt their cash flow in these uncertain times.

This is a temporary solution to keeping a high capacity in pubs and clubs until restrictions are relaxed further or there is a vaccine found, but either way, this is looking to be the new normal for the next few months at least. Once the old ways can start to return the pubs could then end the hire whenever they wanted to, i.e. if a coronavirus vaccine is found and social distancing isn’t required anymore then happy days, they can fill the pub again!

Take a look at some pictures from some pub venues that have already started hiring from us. You can see that the marquees come in all sizes to suit the outdoor space of the pub. Even if the outdoor space is on tarmac or concrete we can still put a marquee up and secure it down with anchor eye bolts.  Our marquees offer a blank canvas so can be decorated however you wish; bunting, balloons, banners, flower walls or even an outdoor bar…you can do whatever fits for the venue or particular party!

Get in touch with us today if you think that this could be a solution that would work for your venue!

Beer Gardens