Birthday Party Marquees

Throughout the last year we have been making birthday parties special by providing a marquee for customers’ gardens.

We have a fleet of 10 marquees, in 8 different sizes, so we can accommodate for most garden shapes and sizes, and obviously adapt to the amount of guests that you need to cover too, our biggest marquee is a 6x12m which can seat up to 80 or allow around 120 standing, although this isn’t the limit because we are able to link two or more marquees together if needs be to create a larger space for more people.

A huge benefit of using a marquee for a private party is personalisation of the décor. A marquee offers a blank canvas to do just that. Yes, we provide lighting, heating and carpet flooring, but after that it’s down to you. You can put balloons all over the place, banners around the edges, a flower wall at one end or even dancing party lights with a dance floor to really create a party atmosphere.  It all adds to it to create a unique space for your guests to enjoy all day and night.

Our marquees come complete as standard with festoon lighting and heaters to keep everyone warm all day and night; we also provide a ground sheet and green carpet so that even a boggy grassed area can still be used throughout the cold and wetter months.

We also have optional extras such as LED party lighting, fairy lights, roof and curtain linings to add atmosphere and style to the marquee.

Not everyone has the space inside their house to host the amount of people on their guest lists so it is a great idea to make use of that space in the garden to keep people warm and sheltered whilst also keeping a link between house and garden to keep it all as one event.

Another benefit of partying in the garden means that the customers’ house is kept fairly clean for use again after the party is over without having to give the whole house a deep clean. All that you have to do is put all the paper plates and decorations into black bags and that is it, job done, we take the marquee down and pack everything away, the garden looks like nothing has even happened!

Throughout the winter months, it doesn’t mean the garden/patio area is out of bounds for a party; we can put our marquees up against your house so that you can open bi-fold, patio, French or standard doors straight out into the marquee, so then it becomes just an extension of the house, an extra room to cover guests or serve food in, or dance the night away! The heat from the house will flow into the marquee and there’s no stepping outside at all so if it’s raining your guests will stay dry too.

Have a look at some of the birthday party marquee pictures and get in touch to plan your next birthday garden party with us!

Birthday Party Marquees