Private Garden Party – 30th Birthday

Our latest addition to the fleet is a 3mx5m marquee which is ideal for small private garden parties. It can seat up to 18 people in normal times but will comfortably cater for 6 people socially distanced during these current COVID restrictions. Remember, people can still mix households in an ‘outdoor setting’ such as a marquee.

This party had been planned then cancelled then planned then cancelled again as social rules changed over recent weeks. Eventually, they decided to host a small party at home for 6 people, hiring a hot tub and a marquee to keep everyone in the garden space as much as possible.

Once they had settled on which house to host the party at and set a date for it, they needed to make sure that they were fully protected from whatever the weather would throw at them, one thing’s for sure, it wasn’t going to be a BBQ in Teesside in October!

Our marquees come complete with heaters to keep everyone warm all day and night, as well as festoon lighting and optional party lighting (which this customer opted for). We also provide a groundsheet and carpet so that even a boggy grassed area can still be used throughout the autumn and winter months.

Another benefit of using a marquee for a small party is the personalisation of the décor. A marquee offers a blank canvas to do just that. Yes, we provide lighting, heating and carpet flooring, but after that, it’s down to you. You can put balloons all over the place, banners around the edges, a flower wall at one end or even dancing party lights to really create a party atmosphere.  This particular customer went for banners, balloons, backdrops and hanging tissue paper pom poms to create a unique space for their guests to enjoy all day and night.

Because the full afternoon and night were spent in the hot tub and marquee, it meant that the customer’s house was kept perfectly clean and more importantly, safe, for their use again after the party was over without having to give the whole house a deep clean and sanitisation. All that they had to do was put all the paper plates and decorations into black bags and that was it, job done! We take the marquee down and pack everything away, the garden looked like nothing had even happened!

We know that having restricted numbers at parties isn’t ideal, but what’s the alternative, do we just cancel all celebrations until the middle of next year!? All we can do is do things in a safe way and the best way of doing that in these restricted times is making use of your outside space with a heated, fully waterproof marquee. We are encouraged to meet outside as much as possible so your usual venues won’t be able to host any parties for some time until households can safely mix indoors again.

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Private Garden Party – 30th Birthday