Family & Friends Special Occasion Marquees

We have recently set up marquees for occasions such as Hen do’s, Christenings, Public Bank Holidays, Engagements, Dholki’s, Retirements and Wake’s. The majority have mainly been hosted in a customer’s back garden and there are a few reasons why hiring a marquee was such a great idea for these events:


Function rooms are great, but they are usually booked up for most weekends and even if you did find a venue able to host your party, is it the right size? Nobody wants a room meant to accommodate 200 people with just 50 people in it, or visa versa, cramming too many people in a small space. With a marquee, you can choose the size to suit both your party and your own back garden! That way you can invite close friends and family to a safe and comfortable environment. Not everybody has the space in their kitchen or front room to host a party, or even if you do then you want the house trashed so use that outdoor space!


The invites have gone out, people have accepted the invitation and you have a set date for your party. Now, do you cross your fingers and just hope for a warm, dry day? Well, you could do, but given that this is the north east of England I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you just can’t rely on the British weather.  By hiring a marquee, they had the best of both worlds; if it rained or was windy then they were covered by a fully waterproof, enclosed marquee with lighting, if it was cold or got colder as the night went on then we provide infrared heaters to keep them warm, and even if it was a hot sunny day, they had some sun shade and then the beauty of a heated area later in the night when the temperature dropped.


Everyone is different; people want to express themselves in different ways. A marquee offers a blank canvas to do just that. Yes, we provide lighting, heating and carpet flooring, but after that, it’s down to you. You can put balloons all over the place, banners around the edges, a flower wall at one end or even dancing party lights to really create a party atmosphere.  We’ve seen all sorts of decor combinations and the best thing is that no 2 marquees are ever the same, they’re all a unique space for your guests to enjoy all day and night.

Last but not least….The clean-up, let us do the work!

We’ve all been there, the morning after the night before when you go downstairs and see the mess that has been created from everybody partying in your house, then you’ve got to go to the cleaning cupboard to start scrubbing the floors and surfaces usually in a hungover state. Well, when you hire a marquee and you have your guests mainly outside then your house remains well protected. Our customers can’t believe how satisfying it is to just put all the rubbish in the bin and then watch us take the marquee down and pack it away, leaving them with a clear garden, as if nothing had ever happened!

Now, isn’t that just perfect?

Family & Friends Special Occasion Marquees