Frequently Asked Questions

Most of my customers are needing a garden marquee and are looking to give their house some more space for a party.  Either to extend their home by butting up the marquee over a set of doors out to their garden.  If this is you great, there’s another FAQ about that, or to have a stand alone marquee on their grass or patio area.

Hiring a marquee isn’t an everyday thing and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to have a great party.

Marquees come in all shapes and sizes.  Obviously the larger the marquee, the more expensive it will be.  Also, the length of hire will have an impact on costs.  Most companies, including us , standard hire period is a full weekend.  We set your marquee up mid to late week, and come on Monday or Tuesday to take everything away.  

All of  our marquees come with flooring , heating and lighting as a basic package as it’s more practical. Other companies just price the marquee on its own then everything else is extra, personally I think you need a basic package for any event.

Yes I do offer other items such as linings, fairy lights, nightclub style lighting and furniture.  So the costs can rise with interior options items but that’s the beauty of getting a quote so you can tailor it and we can itemise everything for you.

Right I get it, but how much is it to hire a marquee?

Lets give you a rough guide as to how much you would expect to pay for a basic package. I’ve given four examples here of our marquees as a guideline:

15 Guests | 3m x 4m Marquee with Heating, Carpet and Lighting | £250

30 Guests | 3m x 8m Marquee with Heating, Carpet and Lighting | £335

45 Guests | 4m x 8m Marquee with Heating, Carpet and Lighting | £395

70 Guests | 6m x 8m Marquee with Heating, Carpet and Lighting | £460 

Prices include delivery, installation and removal too. When you hire a marquee – you’re also getting an experienced team making sure your structure is set up completely safe and ready to use.  Remember you could be having 20-100 people that you know under this big metal thing – it’s got to be watertight and secure in case it gets windy. I don’t think your family or friends would appreciate your Amazon gazebo either falling apart on them, leaking or blowing away!

Yes.  You’ll see all sorts of cheap Gazebos on Amazon and Ebay

It is possible to buy something for less than you can hire.  I would like to make that perfectly clear.  

However they are like comparing chalk and cheese.  What you are buying essentially from Amazon is a huge plastic bag with very thin poles.  For less than £100 it seems great value…why would I spend over £300 on hiring one?

Like I say these plastic parachutes only need the slightest gust of wind and they’re off like a balloon.  What’s more; they’re not even watertight…so what’s the point?! 

Plus, you’ve got to put it up yourself (Imagine scratching your head trying to interpret a very badly drawn diagram that you’ve been staring at for 3 hours in the rain).  Your relaxing day with the family has turned into carnage and panic that your party is tomorrow!…

Even if it has stood up successfully for 3 days you’ve then got the task of fitting all these plastic poles and dripping wet canvass back into the half torn cardboard boxes they came in.  Take it from me they take up a lot more room than you think!  They certainly don’t fit back in those boxes either, so you end up throwing it out.

There are a long list of other issues these structures have but I won’t go on, you get the picture. 

Our commercial quality hire marquees are have a far higher maximum wind loading speed, are fully waterproof and can be installed over doors to allow you to step from your house seamlessly into your marquee.  They’re installed by men who do this everyday – so you’re going to get a product that’s perfect for your requirements – and safe to use too.

Domestic gazebos and marquees aren’t as tall as commercials either meaning they can’t comfortably fit over doors if you’re planning to attach a marquee to your house.

And….the cheap Amazon Prime hot air balloon doesn’t come with flooring, heating, lighting, linings etc that your new commercial quality marquee has as well!  So it’s a win-win all round.

The Biggest Benefit?

You get this great new little venue in your garden and you haven’t lifted a finger. So after asking yourself again how much is a marquee to hire?  It’s worth saving your time and avoiding stress by letting the experts install a commercial quality hire marquee!

After you weigh up your time, stress and hassle it’s a false economy not to hire a marquee from a marquee hire company hiring commercial quality structures who do this every day.  I want to take as much stress away as possible from your event.

Yes, we do! We can provide 6 ft trestle tables which seat up to 8 people and also folding chairs.

Absolutely! We can take your Marquee to the next level with Fairy Lights around the eave and roof bars or LED Party Uplights to light up the roof space with colour for a disco atmosphere!

We also offer roof linings and curtain linings for certain size marquees to cover all of the framework bars and make the marquee feel like a completely different space, trust us, it looks amazing when they are installed.

Yes you can!

When I say attach, there’s no need to be drilling holes into your house so don’t worry there’s no mess.

Commercial “Clearspan” marquees mean they are freestanding – therefore can be installed up against a set of doors allowing you to walk from your house into the marquee seamlessly, as if its just an extension to your home, giving you that much needed space for a party.

They can be installed over most doors including french doors, sliding doors and bi fold doors.  Most domestic gazebo’s are not tall enough to reach over doors.  Commercial marquees from most hire companies have enough height to reach over the tallest of bi fold doors.

If you are attaching a marquee over doors it is best to leave this to professional companies to create a join which keeps the warmth in during the cold winter months.  Otherwise you’ll have gaps between the marquee and the house, bringing in the cold making the whole thing pointless, so leave it to us!

People can’t get their heads around it being nearly freezing outside but a warm 25 degrees inside!  

It’s all about who you use to install the marquee and the equipment they use.

Parties aren’t just for the summer, we’re great for all sorts of events and parties…and people have birthday parties and things to celebrate in the winter too!

To make sure your guests are nice and toasty there are a few things we use in our marquees as standard.  This includes a carpet and our heating system.   

It’s all set up by our experienced team and all you have to do is switch the power on a few minutes before the event starts and you’re good to go! 

For the smaller marquees the heaters are infrared – which means they heat the person, not the air, so the heat is instant and you don’t have to wait several hours for the marquee to warm up. They take the chill of the night off perfectly.  However, if it’s really cold and you want both warm people and warm air, we will even provide electric air blowers too!
For our larger marquees we use Gas Heaters in the winter, they are powerful yet not too noisy so your guests are warm but still able to talk/sing all night long.